Tineco MODA ONE S The First Smart Hair Dryer

Jan. 21, 2020, 8:49 a.m.

Tineco is mostly known for producing cordless vacuums and lately smart cordless cleaners as well but CES 2020 did surprise us. The company has presented its first smart hair dryer.

There is no secret that the king of hair dryers would be the Dyson Supersonic being the first among the products for quite some time. Tineco did go further by making the hair drying experience smarter and smoother.

Tineco at CES 2020 with the new smart hair dryer MODA ONE S

The new unit is equipped with smart sensors that detect hair moisture level, the distance between it and the dryer, etc., and automatically adjusts airflow and temperature depending on your hair type. We don't know when it will be available to buy but already excited for it to come to the market.

Tineco MODA ONE S Hair Dryer

The MODA ONE S has a smooth and sleek design, it has two color modifications: cream and mocha. There are three buttons: power, MAX/AUTO to change between Max and Auto modes, and a cool button to cool the air in one touch.

The hair dryer comes with three styling attachments to either make your hair smooth with a smoothing nozzle/styling concentrator or curly with the diffuser.

In the box with the MODA ONE S:

  • The Hairdryer
  • Smoothing Nozzle
  • Styling Concentrator
  • Diffuser (add-on attachment)

The Tineco MODA ONE S comes with three accessories

Smart features

The MODA ONE S is equipped with a few smart sensors that make it the smartest hair dryer in the business:

  1. Proximity Sensor
  2. Anionic Indicator
  3. Humidity Sensor
  4. Acceleration Sensor

While working, the Tineco does not make lots of sounds. It features a powerful but quiet turbofan, the unique materials the MODA ONE S made of reducing the noise level so the operation noise is only 78 dB.

Wi-Fi & App

The Tineco MODA ONE S is the first smart hair dryer that has Wi-Fi and can be connected to the app

It is the first hair dryer that can be connected to the Tineco MODA ONE app via Wi-Fi to select the drying mode you need. There are Manual, Cool, Pet, Kids, and Eco modes to customize your drying experience making it fit your hair type perfectly.

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