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5 Cordless Vacuums for Big Homes

Updated: Jul 01, 2020

If you live in a big house you probably are looking for a convenient yet powerful way to clean the whole area without having dealt with a cord.

The cordless vacuum market stepped forward and there are many models with long runtime that can clean a big house on one charge. We are going to talk about 5 of them. Those are high-end models with good cleaning ability and strong suction.

Dyson V11 Outsize

Main features

  • Employed 'Radial Cyclone' technology, with an array of 18 cyclones;  
  • the ability to detach its battery, allowing the user to swap it out for a spare; 
  • 3 power settings: eco, auto, boost;
  • senses carpeted surface to boost suction;
  • provides real-time battery life;
  • has a display;
  • reports on blockages and when the filter needs cleaning.

What this really is

The Outsize basically feels like a larger version of the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. It’s about the same height, but it has a wider cleaning head.

Exact dimensions are:

length: 50.63″
width (cleaning head): 12.5″
dust bin capacity: 1,900 ml

The vacuum is heavier and bigger than the original V11, the wider cleaning head covers a bigger area saving cleaning time. Another point is the biggest in the industry dustbin. You don't have to empty it every so often. 

Increased weight might be the reason of not going for the Original as it is heavy to an arm. The cleaner has two swappable batteries that both last up to 120 minutes.

Pros Cons
bigger cleaning head expensive price point
the biggest dustbin difficult to maneuver (as a handheld)
the strongest suction (up to 220 AW on Boost mode)  

 The Dyson V11 Outsize is the best cordless vacuum for large homes, for those who are looking for a long-lasting vacuum cleaner yet need extra power too.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus

Tineco Pure One S12 Plus: this the best version of the S12 lineup. It includes the direct-drive brushroll in addition to the soft roller head, LED display, and 100 minutes run time.


  • Detachable batteries;
  • detects dust and boosts suction;
  • a HEPA filter provides non-stop operation;
  • has a display;
  • can be connected to the app;
  • has a timer of battery life;
  • sends maintaining alerts;
  • has two cleaning heads for carpet and hard floor;
  • the cleaning heads have LED lights tot rack dust.

Design this device

The Tineco Pure One S12 Plus composed of heavy-duty matte gray and white plastic, the main body measures approximately 10″ long by 5″ wide by 9″ tall, and it weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces with a battery installed. It has a pistol grip, the handle is balanced, thick, and it feels good in hand.

On the back of the main body, there is a metal HEPA filter hidden inside the top. Unlike other cleaners, the Tineco's filter does not require washing so you don't have to wait for it to get dry.

The dustbin has a 600 ml capacity. There are two detachable batteries that both provide up to 100 minutes of cleaning time.

What gives us a display

The display will tell you the remaining battery life if the brush roller becomes blocked when the filter or dustbin is too full, and what power level you are operating on.

The lighted circle around the display will also give you a visual clue as to how clean things are; when you hit a very dusty area, the circle will glow red. It glows blue in cleaner areas, and it will show both colors in a gradient when there are varying amounts of dust.

You can also connect the vacuum to the app if needed.

Pros Cons
able to deep clean carpet price
great suction power small dustbin 
has a big accessory kit  

The Tineco Pure One S12 Plus is good for big homes with low to high-pile carpets and hard floor areas as it has long battery life and two cleaning heads in the box. 

Roborock H6

In this vacuum is the first to use a lithium polymer battery, which is the same one used inside drones. It’s a big reason why the H6 has such a long run time and yet still weighs around 3 pounds. Like the Tineco Pure One S12, it has a status screen, but much more compact to save space.

Main features

  • The longest runtime with the built-in battery;
  • the most lightweight;
  • gives approximate battery life;
  • has a display;
  • gives maintenance alerts;
  • adapts to carpeted surface and boosts suction when senses one;
  • a soft roller can be bought separately.


The Roborock H6 is available in two different package options, the Roborock H6 Soft, and the Roborock H6 Adapt. The H6 Soft comes with a floor brush suitable for vacuuming hard floors. The H6 Adapt comes equipped with a carpet brush that is adaptable for all surfaces.

The carpet brush has a 50-watt motor and features carbon fiber anti-static bristles. The brush is a hybrid that works on both hard and carpeted surfaces. Both brushes are easy to clean.

The main unit has an OLED display that shows battery life, sends maintaining alerts, and shows which cleaning mode you are in.

Pros Cons
the lithium-polymer battery  small dirt capacity
lightweight cord-free vacuum (3 pounds)  
a bevy of attachments 
a fully sealed system with two HEPA filters  

If you’re a pet owner, the ability to use the H6 as a portable vacuum with the attachments alone makes it worth purchasing. No matter which option you choose (Soft or Adapt), the Roborock H6 would be a welcomed addition to any home. 

Shark ION F80

Finding a cordless stick vacuum that cleans both carpets and hard floors can be quite a challenge.

Main features

  • DuoClean technology is ideal for both surfaces;
  • provides up to 80 minutes of runtime;
  • has detachable batteries;
  • can be folded to store;
  • ability to bend the vacuum to get hard-to-reach spaces.


The Shark F80 design is nothing we've seen before. It has a small dustbin even for a cordless vacuum but can be bent to get under most furniture and for better storage.

The cleaner has a DuoClean cleaning head which is ideal for hard floors as well as carpet. Although it has a great pickup ability, it is not able to provide deep cleaning on medium-pile carpets.

The unit has 2 swappable batteries that both provide up to 80 minutes of battery life.

At about 8.2 lbs, the F80 is one of the most lightweight cordless vacuums on the market. Nore, the F80 is not HEPA and would not suitable for those who have allergies or asthma.

Pros Cons
2 removable batteries small dustbin
the MultiFLEX wand to reach most places non-HEPA filtration
cleaning head is perfect for hard floors and carpets  

 The Shark ION F80 is a very versatile and capable cordless vacuum with enough runtime for entire household cleaning. For those looking for a lightweight cordless model that also operates in handheld mode, the F80 is one of the best choices.


The Bissell ICONPet compares favorably to the other top brands like Dyson and Tineco. It comes with an advanced motor, a lithium-ion battery, all the necessary cleaning attachments, and the ability to operate in upright or handheld mode.

Main features

  • Tangle-free cleaning head;
  • motorized TurboBrush for upholstery and stairs;
  • LED crevice tool;
  • has a sealed filtration system.


The Bissell ICONPet is one of the budget options on the market. It has a cleaning head that resists hair tangling, works just fine on carpets and hard floors. 

The cleaner is not able to provide deep cleaning on hig-pile carpets but does a good job on other surfaces.

It has 3 power modes and a sealed filtration system.

The cleaning head has LED lights to track dust and dirt.

Pros Cons
has bright LED lights does not clean thicker carpets
the cleaning brush resists hair tangles  

The ICONPet is geared towards homes with one or more pets. This vacuum with enough power to pull embedded dust from carpet fibers as well as one with the right tools for other surfaces. 

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