Garmin Vivomove : 3S vs. 3 vs. Style vs. Luxe

Feb. 29, 2020, 7:39 a.m.

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Let's talk about all the different models for the vívomove. There are actually 4 different models available and they conclude different features and sizes different things like that, and it`s actually pretty confusing.

vívomove has four different modifications:

  • vívomove 3S
  • vívomove 3
  • vívomove Style
  • vívomove Luxe

Talking about Price

The vívomove 3s and vívomove 3 are going to be $249. Then we have the vívomove Style which has a $299 to $349 price range. The most expensive vívomove Luxe will cost you  $499-549 depending on the material the watch is made of, etc.

vívomove 3S vs. 3 vs. Style vs. Luxe

There are three different sizes:

  1. 3S is 39 mm
  2. Style and Luxe is 42 mm
  3. 3 is 44 mm

The weight is important when choosing the watch. If you have a smaller wrist, you most likely want to go with something smaller like the 3S. The vivomove 3 is the biggest and heaviest. The Style and Luxe because of the differences in the material that they are made out of they come in different weights from 35 to 42 for the Style and 55-86 for the Luxe. The 3S and 3 has a strengthened glass while the Luxe and Style has a more durable lens made of domed sapphire crystal.

Design & Appearance

The vivomove 3 and 3s are less expensive. They are made os stainless steel bezel and have a plastic case. The band is silicone and the lens is a normal glass. The S3 has 5 different models. The difference is about colors, the weight and lenses are the same. The vivomove 3 has 2 modifications coming with a silicone band (silver and gold). No more differences here. 

The Luxe Series has 6 modifications. Some of them are made of stainless steel bezel with the same case but with a sapphire crystal lens. This is also available on the latest fenix 6. It makes the lens almost scratch resistant. 

The $349 watches (Style) have a nylon band and save around 7 grams of weight which is noticeable when wearing it. 

Specifications Features

The watches have the same battery life of 5 days in smartwatch mode. In watch mode, you get an additional 7 days to have 12 in total.

With the vivomove Style, you get an aluminum bezel with an aluminum case. And then the bands could be anything from silicone to woven nylon. Compared to the vivomove 3, you get the Gorilla Glass class 3 making it the strongest and the glass will not crack or break. Additionally, you get Garmin pay. With the vívomove Style you will be able to pay for things at the store. 

The vívomove Luxe does include Garmin Pay as well.


The vívomove 3 and 3S have an OLED display while the Style and Luxe have AMOLED. The vívomove 3 and 3S display do not contain any color and have a smaller resolution.

The Style and Luxe have a larger display which includes colors.

vívomove Style

The $249 models have the same material of the lens, bezels, and band, weight. The only difference is in colors. There are additional two that are heavier but other than the weight, they are the same. And moving to the $299 and $349 models. They all made of aluminum, the cheaper watches have a silicone band and weight of 42 g while the most expensive coming with a nylon band and 35 g of weight.

vívomove Luxe

There are 6 different models for the Luxe Series. The $499 weighs 55 grams. Now you do have some 24K gold and that`s just one coating on the stainless steel. The band is made of Italian leather for all of them. The lenses are sapphire. The most expensive $549 Luxe Series are the heaviest (86 g) even heavier than the fenix 6 which is a 47 mm watch. Both of these the bands are going to be Milanese. The case can be either 18K rose gold or silver stainless steel.

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