Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs Venu: Which Is Better?

Published: Mar 13, 2020

Video made by Gauging Gadgets

It might be hard to see the difference between the Garmin venu and vívoactive.

We are going to slide into the latest vívoactive 3 just a bit but mostly going to talk about the vívoactive 4 Series and venu.

Both are priced at $350 and look very similar. Let's dive deeper into a comparison between the two:

The Garmin vívoactive 3 Music supports WiFi and stores up to 500 songs on the watch directly. It does not have the venu's bright display but can still be a decent watch.

It is the biggest smartwatch in the Series. Supports Wi-Fi and comes in two color options. There is also a 4S modification that has 4 color options. It lacks some features and is smaller than the vívoactive 4.

Garmin vívoactive vs. venu: Size vs. Weight

These two are basically the same watches. The biggest difference between them is the size and the displays.


There are two different sizes of the vívoactive 4 Series: vívoactive 4 (45 mm) and the vívoactive 4S (40 mm) modifications.

The Garmin venu case is also 43 mm which is a bit smaller than the vívoactive 4 Series.

The Garmin vívoactive 4 is the biggest and the vívoactive 4S is the smallest


Because of being smaller, the venu is 4 grams lighter than the vívoactive 4.

Bezel material & Color modifications

The vívoactive and venu bezel is stainless steel.

The venu comes in four color options: gold, slate, silver, and rose gold. They all have a silicone band.

The vívoactive 4S has four color options: light gold, gold, silver, and slate. All of them have a silicone band as well.

The vívoactive 4 coming in two colors: slate and silver.

These all modifications have different shades of cases too.


Sunlight-visible vs. AMOLED

The most significant difference between the watches would be the display. 

The Garmin venu is the first Garmin watch that has an AMOLED display. It's vivid and sharp. The Garmin vívoactive's display is sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP). Because of the AMOLED display, on the Garmin venu in an activity, you cannot have a white background show on the display which can make it a little bit easier to see it when you're running.

Compared to every other Garmin watch, the colors on venu's AMOLED display look awesome.

Screen resolution & size

With the venu, you get a beautiful and vibrant 1.2 inches display with 390x390 resolution.

The Garmin venu has the highest display resolution

The vívoactive 4 resolution is 260x260 and the size would be 1.2 inches. The 4S version's display is 1.1 in and has a 218x218 resolution.

Band size

The venu has a 20 mm band. The largest version of the vívoactive has a 22-millimeter band.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The vívoactive 4S is not wi-fi enabled, while the vívoactive 4 and venu can be connected to the app.

Battery life: for how long the Garmin vívoactive and venue last

The Garmin venu offers 5 days at best depending on using. The vívoactive tho can last up to 7 days. With GPS mode on, there will be 6 hours max.

What is similar between the Garmin vívoactive and venu?

When it comes to design, they both have two same-looking buttons located on the same side. Both also have silicone bands. From the back, there is no visible difference.

Also, you can view all the notifications from your phone and even respond to them if you have an Android phone. They both have Garmin coach and they both track your stress level as well as your breaths per minute.

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