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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic HP06: The Most Efficient Purifier

Updated: Jul 01, 2020

Video made by DaveWeLike

When it's fire season, it smells outside and you would love to have a purifier that would clear the air and also be able to remove the smelling. You may be curious to like the actual air quality in your apartment and there when a Dyson allows you to check that all out. 

The main difference between the HP06 and the previous version, the HP04 is air filtration. The newest model destroys formaldehyde instead of just trapping it in. 

When the machine works at a level 10, it does not make ratting noise. 

When the light getting yellow or red it means the air quality is getting worse. If you light a candle, you will see how the air quality changes on the display or in the app. 

Connecting the Dyson to the Dyson Link app is easy. You can select the machine's location, adjust various settings such as fan speed, turn on the oscillation to see the degrees of which the fan will be rotating, etc. 

Even if you vacuumed and cleaned before, it doesn't mean the air inside is good. The machine actually clears the air pretty quickly. You can also turn on continuous monitoring which allows your machine to collect environmental information. The temperature, as well as the humidity, is recorded with continuous monitoring.

The Cryptomic HP06 has the same features as the HP04 does. It can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, has an app, 10 airstream settings, has a display that shows different data, etc.

Because of the advanced filtration, we would recommend the Cryptonic HP06 for overly-sensitive to smells and allergies people.

So far the Dyson Hot + Cool Cryptonic HP06 is not available to buy. When it's coming to the market, we will provide the purchase link.

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