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Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Small But Worthy

Updated: Jul 01, 2020

video made by Erin Lawrence

When it's hot outside all you can think of is getting a device that can cool the air a bit. The Dyson Pure Cool is a pricy option but it is not only cooling the air, it also purifies it. The device has two airflow modes: forward airflow mode cools you as a fan with purified air, and backward airflow mode acts as a purification only model purifying and circulating air throughout the room without cooling you off. The unit has an LCD screen that monitors air quality in real-time and shows the report. 

The Dyson Pure Cool purifying desk fan HP04 is designed for bigger rooms to remove allergens, small particles and odors

The Dyson Pure Cool purifying desk fan can oscillate up to 350 degrees which is much wider than most other fans and purifiers. It allows projecting airflow at almost any angle, you can also customize it via the Dyson link app. As was said before, the DP04 is Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to the app and if you have Amazon Echo, you can also control the machine via voice.

The oscillation is customizable, you can keep the purifier still at 45, 90, 180 or even 350 degrees. The DP04 is equipped with a HEPA filter to remove pollens and small particles as well as a carbon filter that removes odors and gasses.

How Dyson Purifiers Work

Forget about dull and bulky fans, Dyson products are nice looking, match any modern or classic design. They are also safe for everyone thanks to the bladeless design and easy to clean. 

The airflow comes in through the bottom and that's where the purifying happens. After that, the airflow passes several layers of filter to clear and purify the air, and then it shoots it out the top and across the room cooling you off. Dyson engineers did a great job. 

Lack of blades means no more dust on the purifier that is hard to get rid of. Old purifiers look gross in time because of all the dirt stuck inside.

Pairing with the app & performance

To control the machine, you can either use the included remote controller or the app. Once you download the app, you have to create or sign in to an account. Pairing takes about a minute and the purifier is ready to go.

Air quality levels are detected in real-time automatically: allergens and pollutants things like PM 2.5, PM 10 VOCs and nitrogen dioxide as well as formaldehyde benzene and ozone. The app allows checking historical data to know when your air gets dirty, etc. You can view graphs of average air quality day by day, hour by hour by pollutants and identify any patterns you see. Dyson recommends replacing the filters about once a year which is a great deal assuming the machine is working ~24 hours per day.

The purifier notifies when it's time to change the filter

The filters are not washable when the purifier notifies it's time to make the switch, do so. As other purifiers provide, the DP04 has 10 levels of fan power making it comfortable to use depending on your needs. Two new airflow modes for cooling the air in the forward direction and to purify and circulate the air in the backward direction.

Projects the airflow in the forward and backward direction

On low settings, the purifier is barely noticeable, it's ultra-quiet. When on max power settings, it starts making noises but it is a lot less noisy compared to traditional fans. The remote control is magnetic. you can keep it on top of the unit, which is convenient. 

If there are any downsides maybe it's that it's a little on the big side for this model but it is no big deal.

Also, the price. It might be a drawback for some people and the filters are costly too.

Anyways, the design, no blades, a remote control, app control and also Amazon Echo support on top with 10-speed levels makes the Dyson Pure Cool purifying desk fan (DP04) worth the price especially if you get one with an occasional discount on Amazon.

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