Dyson Cool AM07 vs. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Comparison Chart

First of all, it should be mentioned: the Dyson TP04 and AM07 are different units made for different purposes.

While the Dyson AM07 works as a fan to cool the air, the Dyson TP04 also purifies the air

To provide the best performance, the TP04 is equipped with two filters: HEPA and Carbon that removes allergens, odors, NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), and VOC (volatile organic compounds). The AM07 does not have a filter.

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is safe for allergy and dust-sensitive people

Aside from the filter, the TP04 also supports Wi-Fi, which means it can be connected to the Dyson Link app, and as well integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Auto Mode of the TP04 adjusts airflow when it detects more particles in the air. The TP04 has two airflow directions: forward and backward while the AM07 only can be cooling the air in front of the multiplier.

The purifier measures temperature and humidity, also shows an air quality in real-time and displays an air quality report on the display and app.

You can either shut off the fan and let the Dyson TO04 purifier the air or turn it on and the purifier will be working both ways: to cool and purify the air.

Which one is right for you?

The Dyson AM07 and Dyson TP04 are different machines that were made for different needs.

If you just want a well-build good-looking multiplier that will cool the air inside and don't want to overpay for purifier features and some additional options such as Wi-Fi support and integration with Amazon Alexa, buy the multiplier Dyson AM07.

If you want a fan but also struggle from allergy/asthma and want the air inside to be clear with no pollens and gasses, nor small particles, better go with the Dyson TP04.

Product name Dyson Cool AM07 Dyson Pure Cool TP04
Dyson Cool AM07
Dyson Pure Cool TP04
Best Offers $429.49 Amazon $549 Amazon
Brand name Dyson Dyson
Power usage 56 W 56 W
Voltage 120 V 120 V
Filter type other HEPA
Scheduling no yes
Adjusting power in real-time no yes
Air quality report no yes
Alexa support no yes
Heater no no
LCD display yes yes
Fan yes yes
UV-C no no
Area coverage N/A 290 ft
Oscillation N/A 350 °
Temperature measurement no yes
Humidity measurement no yes
Air quality in real-time no yes
Particulate matter N/A 2.50 PM
Air Flow Direction N/A Circulate
Suggested room size large large
Weight 9.00 lbs 11.00 lbs
Height 39.60 in 41.50 in
Noise level N/A N/A
Wi-Fi support no yes
Working modes sleep timer, cooling auto mode, custom mode, night mode
Accessories included N/A
  • Remote Control
  • Inner Carbon Filter
  • HEPA Filter
Warranty 24 months 24 months
Other features Air Multiplier technology, Safe, Smooth oscillation, Sleep timer, Easy to clean, Remote control, Tilt Adjustment multi-functionality, quiet operating, night-time mode

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