LG Cordzero A9 Cordless Stick Vacuum: Powerful and Lightweight

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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The LG Cordzero A9 is intended to compete with the premium cordless vacuums such as the Dyson V11 or Tineco S12. 

The package includes:

- two main cleaner heads (for carpets that can also do hard floors and the soft roller which is really just for hard floors);
- power punch nozzle (a handheld tool with a vibrating interior instead of a spinning brush). The idea being that agitates surfaces without getting hair tangles which is pretty unique.

What makes the LG Cordzero different?

The vacuum comes with a sturdy charging stand and a heavy base. It can store some of the tools too. 

Battery type & life

The A9 has removable batteries and comes with two in the package which means doubles the battery life.

On low power, it gives you 37 minutes which means 74 minutes for two batteries. On high power, about 13 minutes each (26 minutes for both batteries).


  • Low power gives 37 minutes per battery (74 minutes for both)
  • High power ensures about 13 minutes with the cleaner head attached
  • Airflow high power 45 CFM (compared to the Dyson's V11 59 CFM)
  • Airflow low power 26 CFM (the Dyson V11 has 30 CFM)
  • Noise level: 70 & 75 dB on low and high power (compared to the Dyson V11 which makes 73 and 87 dB respectively)

In terms of performance, there is not much of a difference between using the vacuum on low or high power settings.

Cleaning and filtration system

Although the LG has less power than the Dyson V11, it also is less loud. On high power settings, it makes about 75 dB of noise which is a noticeable difference compared to 87 dB the Dyson V11 makes.

It is also not as powerful as the Dyson V11 but certainly more powerful than most vacuums.

The rollers tho are good at resisting hair tangles. Much better than average. The punch nozzle seems to work well vacuuming up to 14-in hair without getting it tangled.

Great at handling pet and long human hair

The soft roller that is made for bare floors picks up everything on hard floor and there's no better way to clean it. The downside of this roller is that it is not good for carpets so if you have one, you'd likely switch between the heads as you vacuum.

The LG A9 is suitable for hard floors. low and medium-pile carpets

The main head is actually good for carpets and hard floors too. It is able to pick up from the smallest to biggest particles on carpet and is really good at deep carpet cleaning scoring 98% which is much better than an average robot vacuum.

There is no significant difference between using the vacuum on low and max power settings. If you vacuum hard floors and low-pile carpets, you can easily run the machine on low power. If you want deep carpet cleaning switch cleaning mode to a max level.

During a crevice pick up test, the LG was better with the soft roller on.

The filtration is excellent. It is a fully sealed system with HEPA filtration. And all of the components of the filtration system are washable.

The LG Corzero A9 is safe for everyone

Things that we'd like to be better

The price. The cleaner is in a premium cordless vacuum category.

The same as the Dyson's torque drive head, the LG is not able to pick up large debris on hard floors (it does a great job on carpet tho). We would say it is a common thing for the rollers that are designed for carpets only. 

The LG Cordzero A9 has a great filtration system and it is capable of cleaning carpets too. Another pro is its stand which might be the best in the industry. Overall, it is a great premium cordless vacuum cleaner.

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