HIZERO vs. BISSELL vs. Tineco Electric Mops Compared

Aug. 26, 2019, 12:02 p.m.

The Best Electric Mops Compared: HIZERO, BISSELL, TINECO

The comparison made by Vacuum Wars


Product/Specs HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop
HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A
Tineco iFloor
Tineco iFloor
Style cordless upright corded upright cordless upright
Use time 60-80 minutes N/A 20 minutes
Floors type hard floor all floor types, carpet all floor types
LED yes  - -
Mode  auto, customized auto, customized spot, normal
Tank capacity 600 ml 800 ml 530 ml
Weight 3.9 kg 5 kg 3 kg
Warranty 1 year 3 years 2 years

HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop

HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop the best electric mop in the industry that is suitable for big messes

The HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop has a powerful battery that lasts up to 60 minutes. The power can be toggled with the buttons on the handle. It has a unique polymer roller head that does not damage or scratch the floor. It can handle larger debris as well as liquids.

The best feature of the vacuum is that it separates solid debris from a liquid. Even if you just mop the floor without vacuuming first, it will separate small particles as well.

To set up, all you need it to fill the container with water or water + cleaning solution mix and start mopping. It has a light indicator that shows either the tank is full or empty. 

The vacuum is able to remove stubborn stains by softening them. Cleaning efficiency is another cool thing of the HIZERO. Even after mopping, it still has water in the container so don't be surprised by the size of the water tank. It can cover a huge area with minimal water usage which also reduces drying times. The vacuum handles big messy spills though with large debris, it does take a few paths to do so but the result is pretty amazing.

After mopping, many other wet mop machines leave a nasty mess that requires even more cleaning. The HIZERO needs minimal effort to be cleaned. The manufacturer says it cleans itself but it is highly recommended to clean the roller especially if you removed big nasty messes. 

You can get extra accessories on Amazon if needed. The vacuum also can be serviced locally if you need it.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is versatile, it can be used as a dry vacuum on both hard floors and carpet and is good at pickup on both surfaces as well but washing hard floors is the main use. It can pick up huge nasty spills or be used for routine jobs as a regular mop.

There's a button for area rug which changes the speed of the cleaning brush for when you use the machine on bare flooring and small rugs.

To start you need to fill the water tank with warm water, add a solution following the indicated lines, press a trigger to let water flow for the first few paths and clean the area without the trigger to let it dry.

The cleaner does a good job on regular spills, you only need to do a few paths to remove it. For thicker materials, the vacuum still performs well but not as good as for regular stains. More materials such as spaghetti would make you run the vacuum for a few more passes to remove the residue. The vacuum does a good job on big messy spills but the number of passes might increase to clear the residue. With dry stains, the vacuum needs to go a few times to remove them, but if you run it slower, the cleaner will need fewer attempts to get rid of them.

It is very good for regular mopping jobs with very little debris involved but might not be as good for big messes.

The way the vacuum is designed requires you to clean it which way more time than the cleaner does when operating. Especially when it comes to big spills, the cleaner gets messy and as far as the vacuum did a good job at cleaning the messes now you got a chore to actually clean the vacuum.

When you use the Crosswave for a regular job, all you need is to empty the dirty water after the session, and you can leave the Bissell like that without cleaning the whole machine since it is nothing to clean except for the tank. As long as there are no big particles, the vacuum is great, but once you use it on a dirty floor that wasn't vacuumed for a while, it will take some time to clean the whole construction.

The Bissell comes with a cleaning tray that allows cleaning the bottom of the vacuum. Add some water to it, put the cleaner on it and run for a while, and the whole process will leave you with a clean bottom of the machine and the brushroll. But this is also good for not messy jobs, and you have to dry it off after this manually.

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is great for regular basis cleaning which does not involve big messy spills and large particles. If you are looking for an efficient vacuum-mopping machine to make your life easier at doing chores, have a look at this model.

Bissell released a new vacuum, the Bissell CrossWave Max 2554A which is an upgraded version of the Pet Pro and handles stains better.

Tineco iFloor

The Tineco iFloor is the cheapest version here. It is able to pick up dry material on carpet and bare floor so basically you can use it as a vacuum as well. You don't have to vacuum the floor before using it, which is great.

There's on and spot buttons. The spot button speeds the brush faster, providing better performance. To start using it, fill the container with water and add the including solution. The trigger needs to be pressed to spray the water so the vacuum can remove even stubborn stains.

It picks a grape juice spill with one path which is pretty incredible. It does not need that much passes as the Crosswave did with thicker spills. With big messy spills like spaghetti mix, the Tineco needed a few more passes to remove the residue but was a bit better than the Bissell at this point. The same as the other mop cleaners, it takes a few more passes to get rid of stubborn stains, and if you move it slow the cleaner would do it faster.

It needs one cup of the solution to work, which is less than the Bissell needs.

When the dirty water crosses the max line, the vacuum starts leaking. As a solution, you can keep an eye on the dirty water tank and empty it every once in a while, especially on big area jobs.

Same as the Crosswave, there is a lot of cleaning job involved if you use the machine on bigger messes. To clean the bottom and the cleaning roller, you can use the included cleaning tray by putting in on top and run for a while. It doesn't require cleaning after each use if you run it on a daily basis. It can be convenient as long as it does not remove big messes.

In terms of cleaning, comparing to the BISSELL, it tends to get less messy after cleaning and seems to clean a little bit better. Plus it is cordless and cheaper.

As a cordless mop, it might be not suitable for really big areas with 22 minutes of battery life but still pretty much usable in small and average houses.

The Tineco IFLOOR is ideal for daily mopping chores and can also be used as a vacuum if needed so if you are looking for a budget, convenient cordless electric mop, have a look at the Tineco.

At CES 2020, Tineco released upgraded versions of the IFLOOR mop, the IFLOOR 3, and a smarter model, the FLOOR ONE S3. You can read more about these mops to know the difference between the three.

Tests and performance

Each of them took one path to remove a grape juice spill. With thicker spills, the Crosswave left more residue behind than the other two.

When testing them with large spills like spaghetti and sauce mix, the Tineco and Bissell struggled a bit when the Hizero did the best job. Same goes for picking up the residue.

During a stubborn stain test, all of them removed the stains withing three passes, but the Tineco did the best after each pass. The Bissell was the worst at this test. The Tineco and Crosswave left dry hard-to-remove stains while the Hizero only had some marks where the stain was.

The Tineco and Crosswave are a bit similar though the BISSELL takes a bit more time for cleaning after using it. But because it is being corded, the Crosswave is more suitable for bigger areas and daily mopping routine. The Tineco is ideal for quick cleanups, or if you don't live in a big house, the machine might be just perfect.

The biggest thing to consider - cleaning the machine after using. The HIZERO needs minimum maintenance after mopping. It separates debris and dirty water, so you don't have to handle all this mess after cleaning. The only downside of the cleaning brush is that you have to soak it in water for a few minutes or so before running if you don't plan on using it every other day. Also, the HIZERO is the most suitable of all of three for big nasty messes. It has 60 minutes of battery life, which makes it ideal for big homes, an anti-tangle design that is ideal for pet owners, and it is overall a good machine.


If you are looking for a decent mopping cleaner for a big house that would do the daily job perfectly, have a look at the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A.

If you want a cordless machine that can vacuum and mop, costs about $200 and will be used in a small area, consider buying the Tineco iFloor.

If you want a premium electric mop with a unique anti-tangle design that would be smart enough to divide debris and dirty water, have decent battery life and would be suitable for big mopping jobs, buy the HIZERO F801 4 in 1 Bionic Mop.

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    Kakie 1 month, 1 week ago  
    How does the hi zero perform regarding pet hair?
    Natalie mod 1 month, 1 week ago  
    Hi there, according to Amazon reviews: "The Hizero does a fabulous job of picking up pet hair, but the pet hair causes the machine to get clogged very frequently, which results in dirty water coming out onto the floor as you mop. To solve this issue you have to: take out both water tanks, remove the cleaning roller, empty out the trash tray, untangle pet hair from the roller brush and from around any mechanisms that turn during use, remove and clean the grate, clean the tiny filter, reassemble the machine." I would suggest vacuuming before mopping if your pet sheds a lot anyway but if you are ready to go through the cleaning the roller brush process, you can skip that step.

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