What is the difference between the Molekule Air vs. Molekule Mini

Updated: May 21, 2020

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The Molekule Air Mini is a smaller version of the full-size Molekule air purifier. At about half the size and half, the price is a worthwhile purchase.

What is common between the Molekule Mini and Air

  • PECO technology. Both Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini feature Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology.
  • Power consumption. Both use about 20 watts at their lowest speeds, but Molekule Air consumes slightly more at its highest speed. 
  • Volume level the Molekule Air Mini is just as long as the full-size Molekule Air depending on fan speed. The Mini`s noise level ranges from 30 to 50 dB.

Filtration and PECO technology

The Molekule air Mini uses a PECO filter instead of a HEPA filter.

What is PECO?

PECO stands for photoelectrochemical oxidation. This technology is proprietary to Molekule and uses a special filter that is activated by light shining onto the filter membrane.

Unlike HEPA which traps debris in a fine mesh filter, PECO uses light filtration to create a reaction on the surface of the filter. Which destroys pollutants by breaking down the molecular structure on the full-size Molekule.

The pre-filter and PECO filters are two separate parts. But the Mini has a single combined filter. A PECO filter still needs regular replacements to operate at peak performance. But it's a different approach to more traditional air purification. 

Molekule Air Mini

Design and size

The Molekule Mini takes the overall design of the full-size Molekule air purifier. And reduce it to a smaller unit that is better suited for small bedrooms duty apartments or home offices. The Mini is a cylinder shape with simple controls. 

It has a matte white finish with rounded edges compared to the machined aluminum body of the Molekule full version. 

On top of the purifier, there`s a central touchscreen with LED indicators allowing you to easily change fan speed of the purifier without bulky orbiters and buttons. Unlike the larger Molekule, the Mini cannot be controlled by your smartphone.


Diameter - 8 inches  
Height - 12 inches 
Weighs - 7.3 pounds

How is the device built

The Molekule Mini can be broken down into 3 parts: the base, the shell, the filter. 

The base is a gray plastic piece that holds the filter and shell in place the base allows you to wrap the core to improve the appearance of your room.

The filter is a hybrid filter including the pre-filter and PECO filter.

The shell has the LAV controls and felt carrying strap.

The Mini also comes with a small carrying bag.

Testing of the air quality

The air quality improved notably with 85 % of particulates being removed from the medium-size room. 

  Starting baseline After 1 hour
PM 2.5 3.9 0.6
PM 10 5.9 0.9
Particles 329 49
AQI 16 0

The total number of particulates in the room was reduced from 329 to 49 with the air quality index dropping from 16 to 0.

Setup of the Molekule Mini 

Just remove the shelf or the base install the filter and replace the shell plug in the power cord and you`re all set to clean. To adjust fan speeds tap the center button and the LED lights show the current fan speed from 1 to 5.

Molekule Mini vs. Mini+

There is also an upgraded version of the Mini, the Molekule Mini+. It has Autoprotect mode, air quality, particle level indicator, and particle sensor. Another thing is material the handle made of. Other than that those are the same devices. 

The Molekule Air

Fundamental differences: Molekule Mini vs. Molekule Air

There are a few main differences between each device that you should know about.

1. Materials

Molekule Air Mini has a medical-grade polycarbonate shell.
Molekule Air case is made of aluminum shell.

2. Room coverage

When comparing Air Mini versus Air, room size is one of the primary criteria to consider.
Molekule Air Mini is ideal for rooms up to 250 square feet. 
Molekule Air is an ideal device for rooms up to 600 square feet.

3. User interface

Molekule Air Mini’s display features a single button with LED indicators for fan speed and to warn users when filter life is expiring. Molekule Air’s display is an LED touchscreen with scrollable menus for changing fan speeds, turning the unit on and off, managing filter life.

Molekule Air has an LED touchscreen display and Molekule Air Mini has a one-touch display. Considering the differences in the user interface with Molekule Air versus Molekule Air Mini, Air Mini has a much more streamlined design. Instead of multicolored menus to scroll through to operate the device, the button on the Air Mini can be short-pressed to change fan speeds or long-pressed to turn the device on and off.

4. Device size

Molekule Air Mini weighs less than half of Molekule Air and is also about half the height. 
Molekule Air Mini weighs 3.3kg and is 12 inches in height.
Molekule Air weighs 8.2kg and is 23 inches.

5. Price

Molekule Air Mini costs less than Molekule Air. 

6. Auto mode 

In Auto mode, the purifier tracks indoor air quality and boosts suction once it recognizes the air quality got worse.

7. Dark mode & Standby

In Dark mode, the Air shuts off UV light. Another thing is standby mode which turns off the light and fan of the Molekule Air purifier. The Mini and Mini+ versions lack these features.

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