Is the Simplicity S65 Cordless Vacuum Good For Carpet?

Published: Feb 29, 2020

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The new Simplicity S65 from Tacony, the company behind Simplicity as well as Riccar and Carpet Pro. 

Simplicity S65 Features

This is not a budget vacuum, the price is in the middle spectrum. The design is similar to the most vacuum designs but the S65 is a bit lighter than most competitors which is really nice. The battery is removable and is easy to replace and you can also double the battery life. An extra battery is coming with an excellent set of attachments. Six attachments actually with multiple configurations including the suction powered turbo tool which has a spring-loaded base and it's great for pet hair on carpeted stairs or upholstery.

The vacuum has two main floor heads one is more universal and can be used on hard floors and carpets but better be used on carpets. The second is a soft roller head and it is for hard floors. The cleaner can be stored on a wall or you can use the storage docking station to store the attachments for easy access.

The S65 has LED lights and it's also a sealed system with HEPA filtration.

Suction Power

The suction is surprisingly good. It blows away any budget cordless vacuum and even comparing to some machines twice its price. By having about 43 CFM on high power, it drops to 22 CFM on low which is a little lover than average. 

Crevice Pickup Test & Deep Cleaning

The vacuum does a great job on the crevice pickup test. It also is capable of deep carpet cleaning. The vacuum scored 97% after picking up almost all sand on a medium-pile carpet. This is a great result for a cordless machine. You have to compare it to vacuums two to four hundred dollars more to see consistent scores in the high 90s.

Pick Up Ability

The regular floor head was really good on carpets it picked up everything from fine debris to extra-large debris without snowplowing. On hard floors thought the regular head is not as good with pebble-sized debris. This is what you get when using a head designed for deep carpet cleaning. The soft roller did must better and even somehow better than the Dyson soft roller. It didn't bump around like the Dyson roller does when picking up larger debris. And secondly, it has a much smoother swivel than the Dyson does. The cleaner tends to get clogged which is many of other vacuums do and you most likely will not have this much of debris to remove in real life anyway.

Sealed HEPA Filtration

The sealed system means dirt goes in and stays in. And it's almost impossible to find a cordless vacuum that has a truly sealed system in this price range. But the Simplicity S65 is one of them it passed our five-micron fog test as well as.

The Simplicity S65 is good for very sensitive to dust people and those who suffer from allergy or asthma


It lasts 25 minutes on low power and 9 minutes on high power. By taking the amount of suction and airflow into account these numbers are decent. And you can see that nine minutes is about average for that amount of airflow and 25 minutes at 22 CFM of airflow is decent as well on that point. You also have the option of buying a second battery if you live in a big house. 

In terms of value from the attachment set its pickup on the carpet and hard floors are much better than average as long as you're using the correct head. It also does a good job at deep cleaning carpets and picks up everything on hard floor. The filtration is another thing that makes the Simplicity S65 a good choice.

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