The BioGS 2.0 vs. MinusA2 Rabbit Air Purifiers

Updated: May 21, 2020

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Rabbit air makes only two different models of air purifiers. Today they make the bioGS 2.0 and the MinusA2. 

So let`s talk about the bioGS 2.0 first.

BioGS 2.0


  • Covers up to 550 sqft area
  • Quiet
  • Has a panel that shows all needed information
  • Reduces odors
  • Removes allergens.

The purifier has a very unique design. There is a control panel on top that shows air quality, fan speed, auto mode, negative ions, and timer.

bioGS 2.0 features two sub-models:
- the bioGS 550a
- the bioGS 625a 

Today we talk about the 625a if it was the 550a you wouldn`t know the difference because they look exactly the same. The only difference between them is the output. They are an identical size and weight. 

Output/Model 625a 550a
CFM 190 117

The price of the 550a is normally only a little bit less expensive than the 625a.

Coverage & Noise level

Effective Coverage Area: 550 sq. ft. for normal residential use or 275 sq. ft. for an allergy sufferer.

The purifier makes about 22 to 48 dB of noise depending on fan speed settings.


This unit has a three-step filtration system: pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

Pre-filter traps big particles.

HEPA traps allergen and particles 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency and over 99% efficiency for particles less than 0.1 microns**

Carbon filter reduces household odors.

Rabbit Air MINUSA2

The Rabbit Air MINUSA2 is unique in that it features wireless functionality the n we speculate stands for network.

So network functionality being able to you be used over a wireless network that is what the 780n offers and the 700a and the 780a. If you want the controller air purifier wirelessly with an app that is something that is a strong suit for the - a - 780 and specifically the - a - in general features a rectangular design it`s relatively thin. And that makes it uniquely appropriate for wall mounting. 

Now that is definitely one of the more unique features for this unit a wall kit is available. 

Main features

  • Wi-fi enabled
  • Integrates with Alexa
  • The LED light display can be adjusting. You can change mood light, and air quality indicator to give off more or less light, depending on your preference
  • Covers up to 815 sqft
  • It can stand all alone or be hanged on the wall
  • Has a modern and unique design
  • A light sensor will automatically transition the unit to sleep mode when the MinusA2 is in a dark room and resumes a more active mode when light levels increase
  • Quieter than most purifiers (20-45 dB)
  • Has 5 fan speeds
  • Has additional filters, a medium filter that filters particles one micron or larger and it features a customizable filter. So the customizable filter is going to allow you to choose from four different filters as a customized choice as to which filter you want to put in that position options include a germ defense a toxin absorb or a pet allergy.


The purifier has a 6-steps filtration system

Pre-filter traps larger particles.

Medium filter traps and reduces airborne particles larger than 1 micron in size, such as pollen, mold, and pet dander.

BioGS HEPA filter traps allergen and particles 0.3 microns in size at 99.97% efficiency, and reduces common allergens to support optimum filter efficiency and prolong filter life.

Customized filter (You can choose from a variety of customized filters including Germ Defense, Pet Allergy, Odor Remover, or Toxin Absorber.)

Charcoal-based activated carbon filter is made of high-grade granular activated carbon, our AC filter is much more effective than typical AC filters, which are coated with a thin layer of activated carbon. Chemicals and common household odors can be effectively reduced.

Negative Ion Generator produces beneficial negative ions to fortify the air you breathe and freshen your indoor environment.


The 780n is definitely worth a look, because of that added smart functionality. That is something that you will not find on most other air purifiers on the market. 

If you want the high quality aesthetically pleasing air purifier the - a2 - is a great option. And if you do want to the unit that features smart functionality the 780n here is definitely a great option. So what is the conclusion with Rabbit air purifiers? The truth is that they are very well made high-quality parts great workmanship great features.

P.S. Both of these units ship with a remote.

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