Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01: Worth it?

Published: Feb 05, 2020

Video made by Vac Tech

The Dyson Pure Hot and Cool (HP01) is the most base model of the HP Series. It lacks some features the HP02 and HP04 have but still worth every penny of the price. This thing is not only purifying the air but also able to cool it. 

To say more, it is a good ait purifier. The machine has a sealed filtration system with a HEPA filter to remove pollens and particles in the air as small as 0.2 microns. The filters are not washable, you will have to replace yours about once a year. The unit is easy to use, the filters are effortless to replace too. Unlike the Dyson Pure Cool Me that has a cord with a massive power supply, the HP01 is easy to plug in and start using. One kind of surprising thing on this air purifier heater it`s quite heavy. I think it`s to help prevent it from tipping over I almost think that there`s a weight in the bottom to give it a nice low center of gravity.

The Dyson Pure Hot and Cool (HP01) is not too hot and is safe to carry from room to room.

The fan can be tilted upwards or downward not too much but enough to make a difference in terms of airflow direction. And that might make just enough of a difference where it`s going to be really comfortable for you if it`s sitting directly on the floor. You can tilt it a bit to feel more to get that comfortable breeze that you want. 

On top of the fan, there is a power button to turn the fan on and off. The fan is magnetic so you can easily store a remote control on it. By holding the button you can turn on the fan and adjust the temperature to get full control you have to use the remote anyway. You can change it from a cooling fan to a heater. You can choose a comfortable temperature and keep it that way. When using it as a fan, you can raise the speeds, there are 10. There is also a button to adjust the oscillation. The updated models can rotate almost a complete circle while the HP01 can do so at 70 degrees. The machine is capable of heating or cooling down an entire room pretty quickly. 

There are also two ways of spreading the airflow: wide or what Dyson is called Jet Focus. So Jet Focus allows projecting the air directly out the back or out the front focusing jet of air and that will shoot it across a room and cool down. Or you can direct the airflow widely across the room. Jet Focus is recommended to use for one or a few people in the room while the wide way is better for the whole family. 

If you don't want the fan to be on the whole night, you can set a timer and let it stop working for about 7 hours while you sleep.

Reach and maintain the temperature you need

If you want the machine to heat the room and keep it that way, the Dyson allows maintaining the same temperature level once it reaches it too. 

There is also a diffused mode. In this mode, the fan spreads out the airflow left and right making the cooling process more comfortable. The Jet Focus is more effective if you need to quickly heat up or cool down the room. You can mix it up with some oscillation.

The fan gets dusty so you have to wipe it down occasionally but since it is bladeless, it is really easy to clean. Since the HP01 is a sealed HEPA, it does not get all dusty on the inside the way other older Dyson fans used to. Since the filter is not washable, you have to replace it about once a year or so depending on usage. It is easy to remove by pressing two buttons and lifting up the whole system.

Thanks to the bladeless design, the Dyson HP01 is save for everyone and easy to clean

Once you removed the grill, the filter just slides out of this. With the HEPA filter, there is also a carbon filter that removes odors and gasses and also has to be replaced about twice a year or so. 

The heater is portable and is ideal for small and bigger rooms. If you don't need Wi-Fi, some extra features of the newer models and are looking for a unit that can either heat up or cool down your room, go with the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool HP01 which works about 24/7 for a long period of time.

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