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Dyson Pure Cool Me Purifier BP01: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Jul 01, 2020

video made by Erin Lawrence

The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifier fan does air cooling and also purification. It is the smallest and budget machine from the model line suggested to use for a small area. Dyson products take it to the next level when it comes to design and innovation.

It is not wi-fi enabled, easy to start using by only plugging it to the socket. You can't control it with your smartphone nor with voice. The machine tho has a small remote control and a digital screen that shows additional data. As always, the remote control is magnetical and is easy to store, you are always able to find it. There are no physical buttons on the purifier itself so if you need to control it, you have to keep the remote control within reach and do not lose it even tho you can buy it separately if needed.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifier fan BP01 is designed for personal usage and is ideal for small rooms

How does the BP01 work?

Traditional fans have blades but Dyson does not use them in its products and the BP01 is no exception. At the top of the fan uses what Dyson calls core flow air projection technology. It allows directing the airflow where you want it to go by adjusting the dome surface moving the air slide the dome panel up or down to direct the air providing targeted airstream.

Purification & Filtration

Some studies have shown that the air in your home could be a lot more pollutes than the air outside. Tobacco smoke, dust inside carpets, garbage, etc., create tiny particles and gasses that end up deep into your lungs. Dyson purifiers fight these things with the HEPA filter along with a carbon filter inside the machine that is capable to remove up to 99.97% of all microscopic gases and particles. 

The sealed filtration system captures even the smallest particles inside the filter without leaking. The mix of two filters actually does a great job at clearing out the air making the Dyson Pure Cool Me safe for allergy sufferers. Since the unit is not connected to the app, it will inform you when the time to change the filter comes in about 12 months or so and we would suggest to switch it right away to get the best cleaning results. 

The carbon filter in pair with HEPA can be pricey but totally worth the price considering the performance.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Performance

With 10 speed settings. you can adjust airflow the way you need to. On low power, the machine is virtually silent, meaning you can sleep with the fan running but even at 10 level, the Dyson is running fairly quietly. 

At level 3 or 4 it's a nice low cooling breeze to sleep beside at around 8 it's easy to feel across the room. And at 10 you can definitely feel the cooling effects on the other side of the bedroom.

Overall this fan won`t spit air at you as a traditional fan does, you won't get that direct air hitting you in the face. The Dyson Pure Cool Me oscillates up to 70 degrees from side to side.

Diffused mode directs the airflow more of like a wall of air effect.

A built-in timer automatically shuts off after as little as 30 minutes and as long as 8 hours. 

This machine is primarily designed to provide targeted ait for personal climate control but even though it is much smaller than the full-size Dyson fans, it can also be used for a few people, because of the big base and the size, this purifier is pretty big. However, it is definitely compact and less expensive than other Dyson machines. 

The good sides of the Dyson Pure Cool Me:

  • A compact size
  • Budget price tag
  • Nice design
  • Gives you a really cool diffused air a fact as well that directional air if you want it.

The downsides:

  • It would be good if the machine could connect to the Dyson Link app.
  • Also lacks a physical button is a bit frustrating, you can't control it quickly.
  • The size is quite large for a personal compact fan.

At the price, you get a purifier that is capable of customizing airflow direction, has a nice design, sleep timer, and 10-speed settings. Overall, the Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 does a great job of purifying and cooling the air inside.

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