Dibea D18 Review vs. Alternatives To Consider Buying

April 8, 2019, 7:46 a.m.

Dibea D18 specifications

Specs Dibea D18
Battery life (standard mode) 45 min
Max mode 25 min
Suction power (standard mode) 4,000 Pa
Suction power (max mode) 9,000 Pa
Dustbin size 550 ml
LED lights yes
Charging time 4 h
Battery capacity 2,200 mAh
Wall-hanging design yes
Power settings 2
HEPA yes
Noise level 75 dB
Weight 4,85 lbs
Warranty 12 months
Amazon price $139.99

Dibea D18 short review

The Dibea D18 is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that provides up to 45 minutes of runtime before it needs to recharge.

The main machine has battery level indicators that show when the vacuum has to be recharged. Every part of the main machine is detachable and can be washed under water. The dustbin holds about 550 ml of dust and is easy to empty as most of the cordless cleaners nowadays.

Dibea D18 cordless vacuum

The Dibea has many accessories in the box and can easily be transformed into a handheld. Extra tools make the Dibea versatility to meet different cleaning needs. 

The main head is equipped with LED lights to illuminate the floor and track dust.

The vacuum has two power settings: max in which the Dibea lasts 25 minutes and low power. In low power, the vacuum gives you fairly 45 minutes of working. On low suction, the motor delivers 4,000 Pa of suction, on max power settings you get 9,000 Pa of suction. It is not enough to provide deep cleaning on carpets, but the Dibea does a great job on bare floor and can sweep thin carpets.

Dibea D18 carpet cleaning

The charging dock allows hanging the vacuum cleaner on a wall. 

The Dibea is equipped with a 4-stage filtration system. It has a washable high-efficiency filter H10 which is HEPA and perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Deep carpet cleaning - Dibea D18

What is the Dibea D18 best for? 

1. Homes with bare floor mostly. The Dibea is not as good for carpet surface though it is perfect for those who do not have any carpets in their home.
2. Pet owners. In case your home is about thin carpets or hardfloor. HEPA filter catches up to 99.9% allergens and pollens in the air reducing chances of suffering from allergy.
3. As an additional vacuum to your tradition vacuum. It is always ready to go thanks to the wall-hanging design if you need to clean your place quickly - the Dibea D18 would be perfect for these purposes. 
4. Thanks to the HEPA filter, the D18 is ideal for those who suffer from allergy and asthma. 
5. Homes up to 120 square meters of size. 45 minutes of battery life covers a big area which makes the Dibea D18 perfect for small and average-sized homes. 

Price & where to get

You can buy the Dibea D18 on Gearbest. It has a budget price tag of ~$100.

Also, the Dibea D18 is available to buy on Amazon for ~$139

Wrapping it up

The Dibea D18 is not the best vacuum cleaner if you want to get it for carpet cleaning. Yes, it does a great job on thin carpets but does not have enough suction power to provide deeper cleaning on thicker ones. The Dibea D18 is ideal for homes with hardfloor though. Considering its price, the vacuum would be perfect as an addition to your home-based big vacuum. Besides, if you run the Dibea often, it will reduce the needs of using the traditional cleaner as often. If you are looking for a budget cordless vacuum and your home is not about thick carpets - get the Dibea D18.

Dibea D18 alternatives

If you do not want to stick with the Dibea or decided to keep looking for an alternative, we have collected 5 best cordless vacuum cleaners than would also be great to get instead of the Dibea. 

Dibea D18 alternatives with a comparison chart

Model name Deik MT1616 PUPPYOO A9 Womow W9 Proscenic P9 Tineco A10 Hero
Battery life (standard mode) 45 min 45 min 30 min 42 min 25 min
Max mode 25 min N/A 10 min 25 min 7 min
Suction power 7,000 Pa 17,000 Pa 16,000 Pa 15,000 Pa N/A
Dustbin size 1,000 ml 500 ml N/A 1,000 ml 400 ml
LED lights yes yes yes yes yes
Charging time 4 h 2,5 h 2,5 h 3 h 3 h
Battery capacity 2,200 mAh 2,200 mAh 2,200 mAh 2,600 mAh 2,000 mAh
Wall-hanging design yes yes yes yes no
Power settings 2 2 2 2 2
HEPA yes yes yes yes yes
Weight 5.07 lbs 3.28 lbs 5.29 lbs 8.37 lbs 5.03 lbs
Warranty 12 months 24 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Amazon price $129 $134.99 $118.98 $298 $199

Deik MT1616

The Deik is also a budget vacuum cleaner. On Amazon, it costs $20 cheaper than the Dibea. On max mode, it delivers 100 AW. Keep in mind, the Deik is not as powerful as the Dibea and not suitable for deep carpet cleaning. It also has HEPA and is safe for allergy and asthma sufferers. 

The 2,200 mAh battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime in normal mode and 25 minutes in max mode. The vacuum has a 1,000 ml dustbin which is impressive for a cordless vacuum. The batteries are removable, if you want more of cleaning time, you can get an extra one. The electric brush comes equipped with LED lights to track dust. The same as the Dibea D18, Deik is not suitable for deep carpet cleaning.


The PUPPYOO A9 delivers 17,000 Pa of suction which is helpful in terms of carpet cleaning and picking up pet hair. The brush is designed for multi-surfaces. It has LED lights. The battery is detachable. The vacuum provides up to 45 minutes of runtime. 

Each part of the main machine is detachable and can be washed with water including HEPA filter. The motorized brush is flexible allowing you to get into most places. The charging dock allows hanging the vacuum on a wall making it easy to go. 

Even though the vacuum has more suction, it is not suitable for deep carpet cleaning but is ideal for mixed surfaces and thin carpets.

Womow W9

The Womow W9 has a 2,200 mAh detachable battery that provides 30 minutes of cleaning in regular mode and 10 minutes in max mode. It has HEPA filtration and is safe for allergy and asthma sufferers. 

Same as the previous models, the Womow has LED lights and many accessories in the box. It can be hanged on a wall. 

The dustbin is easy to empty by one simple action. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully. The Womow W9 does a great job on hardfloor and thin carpets and is not suitable for deep cleaning on thicker carpets. 

Proscenic P9

Design of the Proscenic P9 reminds us of Dyson vacuum cleaners. The Nidec Brushless Motor that is inside the machine delivers 15,000 Pa of suction. It has two speeds of control. The 2,600 LG Lithium-ion mAh battery ensures up to 40 minutes of fade-free run time. 

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Proscenic has a roller brush that is perfect for bare floor cleaning. The roller brush does a superb job on hardfloor when it comes to picking up bigger debris. In addition, it has a bristled brush for cleaning on carpets. The cleaning head has LED lights. The vacuum supports wall mount charging. It takes about 200 minutes to fully charge the cleaner. 

At the same price as the Dibea, you get two brushes for different surfaces, more suction, and the same battery life. The Proscenic P9 is good for homes with thin carpets and occasional rugs as well as bare floor.

Tineco A10 Hero

The Tineco A10 Hero costs $50 more than the Dibea, but it is the vacuum cleaner that worth your attention. 

It has a 2,000 mAh detachable battery, you can get an extra one if you need more cleaning time. With one battery, the Tineco gives you 25 minutes of cleaning. 

Unlike other models here, the Tineco does not have a wall-hanging design. It comes equipped with a storehouse where you can store almost all the additional accessories that come in the box. 

The 350W Digital Motor delivers 100 AW on max mode. Unlike other vacuums that use a washable HEPA filter that has to be waiting about 24 hours to get dry after washing, the Tineco's filtration system can be cleaned with a filter cleaning tool and the vacuum is ready to go. It takes about 1 minute or so. 

The multitasker power brush is more suitable for both: carpet and bare floor. It has LED lights to illuminate the floor. 

The Tineco A10 Hero performs great on bare floor, thin and some of thicker carpets. Yes, it still does not have enough power to provide deeper cleaning on carpets. The Tineco is ideal for pet owners. 

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