Why Not To Buy a Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Apr 03, 2020

Video made by Vacuum Wars

Here are 2 reasons why you'd better not buy a cheap vacuum:

First reason - a filtration system

The filtration system has two aspects:

1. HEPA filter. A HEPA filter can filter particles 0.3 microns and up. And covers most of the bad particles out there which is why you can't see the fog particular test. Because particles are about 5 microns and these particular vacuums all the HEPA filters in addition to a HEPA filter.

2. A sealed system. This means that the vacuum needs to be engineered in such a way to keep all the air in the vacuum. And not let it leak out before it gets to the HEPA filter to be filtered. Because if it leaks on the way to the HEPA filter it's like not having a filter at all. Sealed system is very important if you have an allergy or want to breath clean air.

A couple of things to note is that:

A sealed system / HEPA filter combo costs money (You won't find these features in a vacuum under $100. And you really need to spend at least 150 dollars.)

The dry particle test. This test really shows the air quality problems cheap vacuums cause. Basically we vacuum up a special kind of testing dust and then test the air with a particle afterward. So a brand-new vacuum has been used for this test. And with just one tablespoon of dust, the air quality in our room went to dangerous levels. And stayed at relatively high levels for over an hour despite running 3 air purifiers. For example, the one for about $100 was less bad. But the air was still considered to be unsafe. The one for 130 dollars had a HEPA filter and it did keep the air to safe levels. And if you think it's normal for a room to smell bad after you vacuum you've probably been using cheap vacuums for too long. 

Second reason - can't be used on hard floors. 

This goes back to the invention of vacuum cleaners they were originally only designed as carpet cleaners. That it wasn't until much later that one of two features were added to make hard floor cleaning possible with vacuums.

  1. A squeegee or some other kind of seal on the bottom.
  2. The ability to shut off the brush roll like a switch of some kind most vacuums under about 100 dollars don't have either of these features. And they just scattered debris everywhere.

But only one vacuum under $100 had one of these 2 features.

So if you have hard floors and you want to use your vacuum to clean them you're going to need to spend a bit more to do so.

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