Apple Watch vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: Which Is Better

Dec. 3, 2019, 12:32 p.m.

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Let's compare the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series. After comparing those two we are going to find out whether the Apple Watch is better or not. Let's talk about the design, the major reasons why the Garmin or Apple Watch is better for you.

Garmin vs. Apple Watch quick comparison

Both of these devices are smart fitness watches, but we would say the Apple is more of a smartwatch and the Garmin is more of a fitness watch. Both of them tho are capable of tracking your workouts like running indoor, cycling, swimming, etc. Both have a heart rate sensor, Bluetooth. Each of them has wrist heart rate monitors. The Garmin calls it Elevate wrist heart rate technology and the Apple has a heart rate sensor.

The Apple Watch also has an ECG sensor which requires watchOS 5.2.1 or later and iOS 12.1.1 or later.

Both of these watches have access to your phone and let you know when someone's calling you, etc. You can see it on your wrist.

The Fenix 5 Plus allows interacting with the notifications, it has music storage so you can listen to music without a phone. It allows you leaving the phone at home and go running, cycling or whatever while listening to music on your wrist. Garmin has a deal with Spotify, Deezer, and iHeartRADIO, the Apple Watch works with Apple music.

There are two options available: you can transfer the music to the watch or if you own the cellular and GPS version, you can stream it if you paid for a data plan. 

Both watches have storage for music and both allow working out with music phone free. For mobile payments, you've got Garmin Pay and Apple Pay. 

Why getting the Garmin or Apple Watch?

The design. It might be the biggest thing to consider when buying the watch. If you want a round watch, obviously the Garmin would be the right option. Those who like a square shape would go with the Apple. 

The Garmin watches look more classic while the Apple Watch is more about a sleek sporty style.

The Fenix 5S Plus looks good on woman's or man's wrist which makes it a pretty versatile device. The Fenix 5 is a little bit larger. 

Another thing to consider is battery life. The Garmin has a longer battery life than the Apple Watch no matter what kind of Fenix 5 Plus you are going to get. The Fenix 5 Plus gives you up to a week go-to with normal usage. The Apple Watch lasts about two days. When it comes to battery life, you are going to like the performance and battery life of the Fenix 5 Series. If you are not annoyed with charging the Apple Watch every other night, it is going to be better for you. If you play music, run more, use GPS more, the Gamin would still be performing longer. 

Performing features: anything from measuring your lactate threshold to your advanced running dynamic stats like vertical oscillation stride length cadence. Garmin gives you more performance stats because it is a performance company. 

Apple gives you baseline stats for running like pace and speed heart rate. Garmin is the next level if you want more information and stats. 

Garmin gives you information about:

  • Lactate Thresholds.
  • VO2 Max
  • Training Effect. This is based on all your health data during a workout. It will tell you whether you performed better than the last time or overtrained etc. It has 6 different criteria.

You can download some apps that would collect information and give you those stats on the Apple Watch too but with a Garmin, you have it all in one place. 

And speaking of native stuff you also have native maps so you can search maps all that stuff is natively built-in for fitness. The Apple Watch has Apple maps and other maps you can download. 

Most of the maps for Garmin are designed around fitness, hiking and that sort of thing so you can figure out where you are. From the fitness perspective, the Garmin works pretty well. 

If you want turn-by-turn navigation, you are going to get the Apple Watch.

Garmin also has a Golf App for free and you can download about 40,000 golf courses that you can download from the app right onto the watch. You get a map, the distance to the front of the middle and the back of the green, etc. 

You can't get Golf apps for the Apple Watch tho. 

The Garmin watches track your sleep quality every night and gives you all the information about how did you sleep. The Apple has some additional apps but it is not the same anyway.

To say it all, the Garmin is a performance watch, it has lots of stats and long battery life.

The Apple Watch is more like a smartwatch. It has Siri so you can reply to messages, you can get a cellular version so you are able to get your calls and messages on the watch itself, you can also stream music on-the-go. There are many apps available to download in the Apple Store. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a strong signal between your watch and your phone. If you want more smart features you are going to go with the Apple Watch.

Which one to buy?

The biggest thing to consider is the price. The Apple Watch starts from $400 while the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus models start from $700.

With Apple, you get more stuff like different kinds of bands, cases, more screen protectors and so on. With the Garmin, you get only bands made by Garmin and they are a bit expensive.

If you want to answer calls right from your wrist, or reply to messages or talk to Siri or have a clear display customized almost everything, go with the Apple Watch

If you care about extra accessories, go with the Apple Watch but if you want better performance and battery life, get the Garmin.

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