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The 3 Smartwatches That Are Not Typical: TicWatch 4G LTE, Casio PRO TREK F30, Garmin MARQ Captain

Updated: Jul 01, 2020

Video made by MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

Apple and Samsung not only dominate the smartphone market but also the smartphone market. But let's say they are not the only good devices in the industry, Garmin and TicWatch follow the beasts in this area.

Let's start with a cheaper option - the TicWatch 4G LTE. It has a 4G connection that is always on, also has a speaker and microphone for those who find it comfortable answering phone calls from the wrist, and also a built-in LTE radio to carry those calls and everything else. The watch has lost some weight compared to its sibling TicWatch Pro. The steel bezel and pushers have the knurled texture.

Also compared to the Pro version, the new smartwatch has doubled the RAM. It is IP68 water and dust resistance and alongside this, its display not just the AMOLED but also LCD that when is turned on only saves battery life up to 5 days. This display gets more intense the more sunlight you shine on it.

The second model might surprise you and bring up some memories from the past. Meet the Casio PRO TREK F30, it was launched in 2016. Casio was the first to bring a dual-layer display to wearables. This watch has the same battery-saving and visibility boon that the TicWatch Pro does. The company took the opportunity to sport up the watch face with a sharper OLED display. The watch packs a lot of custom software from Casio and third parties to help with that. It brings over dust and water resistance and also 810G durability. It does not have NFC, a heart rate sensor, and a magnetic charging cable.

Battery life is solid three days, which is about average for this kind of watches. The price on Amazon is $549 and is something to think of before buying.

Garmin has become a big name in watches over the past few years with its fitness-focused for-runners Vivoactive and Fenix lines. Garmin is also known for its battery life and detailed fitness-related stats.

Its MARQ series has five options for pilots, drivers, athletes, hikers, and one for sailors. We are going to talk about the MARQ Captain. The look gives you a feel of a parallel universe where modern smartphones were never invented. There is no Wear OS, nor even a touchscreen. To control the watch, you can use 5 pushers that are located over the titanium casing. Not something you used to see in a smartwatch huh? If you think of it as using while you are underwater, this makes sense, you will not want to scroll it through with wet fingers. These five big clicky buttons leave you no choice, once you press one of these, you have no doubt you have executed a function.

In short, with the MARQ Captain, you get everything you would expect from a typical smartwatch: from receiving notifications over WiFi or Bluetooth to mobile payments and storing music locally. But here is the thing: where a typical watch has 4 GB max, the Captain turns it up to 32.

Extra space would be important to Garmin buyers, there are GPS running maps and fitness maps you want to install. And sailors, in particular, nautical charts and tide tables. There are also apps to interact with your boat's Garmin navigation equipment. The display is visible under the direct sunlight and it has the best battery life among these three we have mentioned. The charger is clever too, it is a clamp, which is very convenient to use.

A handy Captain becomes hilarious when you plunk it down next to a watch that costs over $1500 less, and its screen gets spanked. This thing is incredible but not everyone would agree to spend this much for a smartwatch in the digital world where things become so obsolete so quickly.

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